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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic I have needed to make some changes to the way I operate my psychological practice:

Face to Face Appointments and Covid-19 Vaccination Status

To increase the safety of all clients and colleagues, and closely following advice from NSW Health and the Australian Psychological Society, I am seeing only fully vaccinated clients 14 and over (and their family members) face to face - that is, individuals that have received all relevant doses of an approved vaccine and had their final dose more than two weeks prior to the face to face appointment.

Prior to attending any face to face appointment you will need to provide me with the vaccination status (vaccination type, dates of all relevant vaccination doses) for all attending individuals.

There is no obligation to provide me with this information but individuals who have not provided me with their vaccination status, are unvaccinated or decline to confirm whether they are vaccinated or not will not be able to attend a face to face appointment with me but can, of course, still have sessions via telehealth or telephone and, if seeing me under Medicare, for as long as psychologists are able to provide telehealth and telephone services (see below). 

Wearing of Face Masks

My practice is situated inside a GP practice and as such I typically follow guidance from the practice managers in relation to the wearing of face masks while on the premises. The situation in relation to wearing face masks can change at very short notice. I will endeavour to advise my clients whether the wearing of face masks is compulsory prior to any appointment. Please feel free to wear a face mask if you feel more comfortable doing so. I am also happy to wear a face mask on request during our sessions.

Telehealth Sessions

I am able to conduct sessions via video conferencing (i.e., 'telehealth') and telephone as well as face to face. ​The Federal Government has made available Medicare rebates for all clients who have a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) for sessions that take place via telehealth (currently, this provision is in place until 31 December 2021).

Private Health insurers have also indicated they are willing to provide rebates for psychology sessions delivered via telehealth where appropriate cover exists. Please contact your Private Health insurer to discuss whether you are eligible.

Sessions funded by SIRA (Workers Compensation) and by NDIS may be delivered via telehealth or face to face.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the above before booking a face to face appointment.​

After Hours Appointments

I am not currently offering after hours (i.e., 6pm, 7pm) timeslots for either face to face or telehealth bookings.​

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